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The Art of Permanent Cosmetics

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Permanent makeup or cosmetics refers to the art and science of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Also called micropigmentation, it is a form of tattooing, it can be applied by either a machine or a hand tool. Even though trends in makeup come and go, cosmetic tattooing has been around for thousands of years.


A permanent cosmetic procedure is a great solution for anyone who wants to look their best day and night, with minimal time or effort.visual impairments, an unsteady hand, allergies, busy or active lifestyles, or just not knowing what looks best on your face are the primary reasons people choose a procedure. Certain medical conditions can also affect hair growth, such as alopecia, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy, trichotillomania. For others, surgeries that have left scarring or asymmetries can affect self-confidence. Permanent cosmetics can help bring more balance to the face and body. The goal is not to change your look dramatically, but to create a natural and more youthful look that compliments your features, your personality, and your lifestyle. All pigments are custom blended to your skin tones with shape and size designed to be in harmony with your facial features and personal style.

Some particles of pigment will remain in your skin indefinitely, even if they are not visible, however the vibrancy of surface color will fade over time. The application of permanent makeup is a process, not a one time procedure, and usually requires several visits and periodic touchups for the desired results.

Permanent makeup is a safe procedure, regulated by the Los Angeles County Health Department.




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Microblading is the hottest trend and most requested procedure in permanent makeup. It is also referred to as microstroking (more accurately as there is no blade involved), feathering, embroidery, and  3D brows. It involves using a hand tool with a linear grouping of very tiny needles that are gently pulled across the skin to deposit pigment into the dermis, simulating realistic hair strokes. The results create very natural looking eyebrows, which can be enhanced with a powdering technique for a beautiful finished effect.

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